THE MISSION of Clarksburg Uptown is to promote, in every way possible, the economic and social potential and growth of downtown Clarksburg and the Glen Elk section of Clarksburg, West Virginia. 

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“The Piano Men” is the theme of Clarksburg’s 2015 Summer Jazz Stroll scheduled for Friday, June 19, according to Clarksburg Uptown (CU), the event organizers.

Among the score of jazz artists performing from 6:30pm to 12:00am in five different venues are five headliner keyboard artists, including Washington, DC’s Robert Redd, New York City’s Alon Nechushtan, Charleston, West Virginia’s Bob Thompson, Richmond, Virginia’s Lee Covington, and Bridgeport’s Davin Seamon.

“0ur intent is to offer a wide choice in style and genre of jazz,” said Mike Lambiotte, CU’s Communications Director.  “From piano to electric keyboard to funky organ, music fans will be able to hear it all at the Summer Jazz Stroll.”

Playing one hour sets at 6:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm are Seamon in Kelly’s Pub, Redd in Starving Artist Studio, and Thompson in Fifth Floor Lounge.

Playing one hour sets beginning at 8:00pm, 9:30pm and 11:00pm are Covington in Main St. Café, and Nechushtan in Washington Square.

“We’ve staggered the starting times so visitors can access as many as four complete shows if they want to,” explained Lambiotte.  “Plus, in some venues, they are having student bands play earlier sets, so there is going to be more than one person can do in one evening.”

Washington Square is hosting one of the student groups, the Eric Cappellini Quintet, at 6:30pm to begin the Stroll festivities.

The Jazz Stroll events are part of a strategy to develop uptown Clarksburg and the surrounding region into a national destination for tourists, especially jazz music fans, who will spend multiple days and nights in central West Virginia enjoying the various regional attractions during the day, and live jazz music in the evenings. 

The jazz energy has percolated from Clarksburg into surrounding communities as Shinnston will see Randall Hall Presents Summer Jazz in the Park on Thursday, June 18, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, while Bridgeport will see a performance on Saturday, June 20, by the Alon Nechushtan Quartet at Maplewood Emeritus Senior Living at 4:00pm.  Also on Saturday in Weston, Stroll headliner, Lee Covington, will perform at Kathy’s Riverside Restaurant at 8:00pm,

To offset some of the significant investment Clarksburg Uptown, Inc. makes in presenting two Strolls a year, there is a one-time charge of $5 for a paper bracelet that provides access to all Stroll venues on June 19.

For more information on the Summer Jazz Stroll or Clarksburg Uptown, Inc., contact Lambiotte at 304-677-8612 or   For more information on the Shinnston, Bridgeport or Weston shows, email to, or 304-269-3683


Looking for something special to do Friday night? Stop by

Kelly’s Irish Pub

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A Solo Art Show @ 7PM

Kelly’s Irish Pub
221 South Third Street,

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